User Registration RESTful API Using Node.js And Express 4

3 responses to “User Registration RESTful API Using Node.js And Express 4”

  1. Irfan Razzaq says:

    What a simple way to write a clean and understanding code. Thanks Rehmaanali

  2. QA Helper says:

    While I do appreciate this tutorial, there is a lot of missing information. I don’t think you can assume people have looked at your other tutorials when you don’t explicitly say they should be completed first. They appear to be more of a suggestion to go check them out,

    Here are a few of the errors I encountered when trying to complete your tutorial:
    1. Missing from the package.json – “express-session”: “^1.15.2”, (possibly other packages missing from the package.json as well)
    2. Multiple pathing issues: e.g. “require(‘./users’)” but file name as “/controller/user.js”
    3. The script labeled “/models/user.js” is really “/models/users/signup.js”
    4. Express router errors due to “controllers/users.js” missing a “module.exports = router;” at the end of the file.

    Other than those issues thanks for posting!

    • Rehmaanali says:

      Thanks for your effort for solving the errors in this article.
      I have made changes related to your list and add up a directory structure for better understanding the flow of the API.
      If you find any more bugs in this post please try to make me clear it out.
      Once Again Thanks.
      — Rehmaan Ali

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