• React – The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

  • 01 – Introduction

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    What we will build using React Framework?

    The Burger Builder which is an amazing application utilizing all the concepts that you can learn in this course. So you can have a better understanding of all the concept in `React` throughout the course.

    So by the end of the course, you will have a way better understanding of React and you will be able to dive more dipper into the more challenging application and apply for React developers jobs or become a react developer whatever may your goal is.

    Let’s get started

    What Is React?

    React is a javascript library for building the user interfaces.

    Javascript Library :

    It is about building javascript driven apps. React apps run on the browser they don’t run on the server and that gives us a great advantage. Thing happens instantly since the functionality happens on the user browser we don’t have to wait for a server to respond to get a new page or render some new content on the browser.

    User Interface:

    Interfaces are basically what the users see on the browser, and react is all about using components for building this. if you think about it you can split up any webpage into these components.


    Introduction - React Components
    we can split up the webpage parts into components like Header component, Sidebar component, Footer component and a Main Content component.
    because if we split up the webpage into components, we can build this building blocks these components as contained pieces of code. we don’t have to build our entire webpage as one single picture. it makes easy to us make our code manageable. if we need to change some content for e.g. header style we will go into that specific component and modify it, so we don’t need to find that piece of code on our entire webpage code.

    Reusable Components:

    We can also reuse the component, for e.g. if we have a card component and we have to output a card. then we only have to write the code once and that easily be reused it, because thats important because React components can be thought of custom HTML elements. in the end, you are just writing custom HTML elements.

    React introduction
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