Create A Fragment URL in Angular 8 (Jump-To-Anchor)

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  1. tryinghard says:

    How can i change this so each paragraph is different rather than the same thing repeated over and over?

    • Rehmaanali says:

      It can be based on your data for the demo I have just repeated the same content.
      your data can be like

       {id: 'asdasd-asd-asdas, post: '<p>some content...</p>'}
       {id: 'cxxfsd-scs-rrded, post: '<p>some content...</p>'}

      so Inside [innerHTML] you can pass post object

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was not helpful to me as focus is not set on target so not acting like a normal internal anchor

  3. CJRamki says:

    scrollPositionRestoration is breaking anchorScrolling functionality. Is there anyway to fix?

    • Rehmaanali says:

      hi CJRamki,
      You must be referring to the single page application demo due to that it was not able to route
      I have made changes in the demo you can refer the code from below link
      Demo and Code

      Changes :
      scrollPositionRestoration will work if the <router-outlet></router-outlet> is in the application.

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