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Best Way To Setup Strict Angular 10 Project

geekstrick on September 5, 2020 🔥 19094 views

In this tutorial, we will see what is the Best Way to Setup Angular 10 Project using Strict . In angular 10, we can set up a project with strict settings using the –strict flag. These settings help improve maintainability, catch bugs ahead of time, and allow the Angular CLI to perform advanced optimizations for […]


Answer for How to setValidators() for each field of FormGroup instead of writing for individual

geekstrick on August 20, 2020 🔥 0 views

Collecting keys of form in an array and using foreach loop might help you to avoid repeation. like this: [‘SteamTestPass’, ‘FireTestPass’, ‘SteamTestFail’, ‘FileTestFail’].forEach((field: string) => { this.AssetTest.get(field).setValidators(this.hydroTestValidator); this.AssetTest.get(field).updateValueAndValidity(); });


Best Way To Add and Remove CSS Class Using Javascript

geekstrick on July 9, 2020 🔥 16690 views

In this tutorial, we will see the different methods for To Add and Remove CSS Class Using Javascript by taking the reference of the element ID. Add or Appending CSS Class Using Javascript There are two possible ways to add or append the CSS class to the HTML element i.e via className and classList CSS […]


Angular PWA – Fast Offline Angular 9 App

geekstrick on June 6, 2020 🔥 19312 views

In this tutorial, we will see how to Enable Angular PWA to make the application work offline using the cache data. The Angular PWA service worker will make it happen and will cache the data for us. Using a PWA service worker Native mobile app can be created. Angular PWA (Progressive Web App) Using progressive […]


Create Website With Handlebars Express – NodeJS

geekstrick on June 4, 2020 🔥 19739 views

Code And Demo In this tutorial, we will see how to Create a Website With Express Handlebars – NodeJS. With the handlebar-express, we can create a template to render .hbs template and also we can organize our template in such a way that it can be reusable. Installing Express Handlebars In Node js, we can […]


Flex Basis

geekstrick on June 3, 2020 🔥 1055 views

Flex Shrink

geekstrick on June 3, 2020 🔥 1087 views

On the other side of flex-grow, we also have a Flex Shrink property. As might you have already guess flex-shrink defines the ability for a flex item to shrink if necessary and unlike a flex-grow the default value for flex-shrink is 1. Flex Shrink The first point to make note of is that flex-shrink is […]


Best Ways To Preload modules In Angular 9

geekstrick on June 2, 2020 🔥 8049 views

In this tutorial, we will see what could be the Best Ways To Preload modules In Angular 9. Most of the applications we develop we use the same pattern that is lazy-loading the module i.e. module will be loaded in the browser once it is navigated to that module path. Why we use lazy-loading? Using […]


Flex Grow

geekstrick on June 2, 2020 🔥 969 views

Another property that can be applied on a flex item is the Flex Grow property. This property specifies what amount of space inside the flex container the item should take up if necessary. The Flex grow factor is always relative to the size of other items in the flex container. Flex Grow By default, you […]


Order Flex Item

geekstrick on June 2, 2020 🔥 1020 views

Flex item in a container is laid out in the order in which they appear in the source code. This order can be change using the order property. In our example, as we see there are 5 items and are arranged which is the order that appears in the code. Order let’s mix up our […]

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