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Connecting Mysql Database Using Node Express

geekstrick on April 25, 2017 🔥 4247 views

Build Up The Node App Structure Following the node express folder architecture to build the application. Connecting Node to MySQL database needs node dependencies. Check out the related post on Node Express App Structure. Node Express App Structure Dependencies Install the node express & Mysql dependencies. $ npm install $ npm install mysql package.json { […]


Build Node Express App Structure

geekstrick on April 25, 2017 🔥 3360 views

Download Node App Structure Download Node Download Version Control   The app folder Download & install Node Server & Git-version controll. let’s start with building the app. As for Node Express App first, download the required things. Create a folder contains the node express app structured files. Open up the git version control (terminal), then […]


Nested if else Statement In Python PHP and JS

geekstrick on April 24, 2017 🔥 1754 views

In thus tutorial we will see Nested if else Statement In Python PHP and JS Download Python The Python’s nested if…else statement Let’s start with the best language i.e python , As every language have the similar logics but just have a difference in syntax. Building up the nested if..else statement in python name […]


Fetching Data On Mouse Hover Using AJAX

geekstrick on April 24, 2017 🔥 7983 views

Download AJAX : Asynchronous JavaScript and XML It’s a combination of javaScript and XML. In this Tutorial, we will see how to read the data from the text file. On the mouse hover, the AJAX read the data from the text file and display on the web page. # The XMLHttpRequest Object To fetch the […]


Create Dynamic Content Using JQuery

geekstrick on April 21, 2017 🔥 6234 views

Why to create the dynamic content ? Loading the content of the page dynamically leads to the less code snippet. Basically, it used in static websites. While the web page content that is used on every page, this leads to multiple coding for the same content. Using Jquery elements the same content can be loaded […]

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