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NgOptimizedImage: A Powerful Directive for Optimizing Images in Angular

on September 30, 2023 🔥 3315 views

NgOptimizedImage is a powerful Angular directive that can help you improve the performance and SEO of your Angular applications | Geekstrick


Top 8 Essential Angular Developer Skills to Learn in 2023

on September 29, 2023 🔥 723 views

Introduction to Angular development Angular is a widely used JavaScript framework for building web applications. It provides developers with a structured and efficient way to create dynamic and responsive applications. As an Angular developer, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the Angular ecosystem. In this article, we will […]


Custom Pipes in Angular 16: A Detailed Guide

on August 26, 2023 🔥 1599 views

Angular pipes are a powerful way to transform data in Angular applications. They can be used to format data, convert it to different units, or even perform complex calculations. What are Angular pipes? Angular pipes are functions that transform data. They are attached to Angular components and can be used to format data, convert it […]


Answer for Reusable component in Angular 10 for displaying a list of items

on March 1, 2023 🔥 0 views

@Component({ selector: ‘app-list’, template: ` <ul> <li *ngFor=”let item of items”> {{item}} </li> </ul> `, styles: [] }) export class ListComponent { @Input() items: any[]; }


Reusable component in Angular 10 for displaying a list of items

on January 27, 2023 🔥 0 views

Hello everyone, I have the following code written in Angular 10.I came across this question in   import { Component, Input } from ‘@angular/core’;   @Component({   selector: ‘app-list’,   template: `     <ul>       <li *ngFor=”let item of items”>         ____________       </li>     […]


AOT and JIT compilation in Angular 10

on January 27, 2023 🔥 0 views

Hello everyone, I have the following code written in Angular 10.I came across this questions in Start your code here import { Component, OnInit } from ‘@angular/core’; @Component({ selector: ‘app-root’, template: ` <h1>{{ title }}</h1> `, styles: [] }) export class AppComponent implements OnInit { title = ‘Welcome to Angular 10!’; ngOnInit() { console.log(‘Compiling […]


Skills Every Angular Developer Must Have

on December 14, 2022 🔥 1775 views

Angular is a powerful framework that enables web developers to create single-page applications with no or minimal page reloads.  The framework comes with its own set of quirks and pitfalls, which makes it difficult for users without the right knowledge and skills to work with it properly. If you are looking to hire angular developers […]


Create Library In Angular 12 – Search Highlighter

on September 20, 2021 🔥 11123 views

In this tutorial, we will see how to Create a Library In Angular 12. Search Highlighter is what we are going to create throughout this article. If you are not aware of what is an angular library – Basically library is created to use some piece of code or you can say functionality to various […]


Easily Translate Angular 12 App Using ngx-translate

on May 24, 2021 🔥 120693 views

Code and Demo This tutorial will see how we can Easily Translate the Angular 12 App Using the library Angular 12 with ngx-translate The internationalization (i18n) library for Angular ngx-translate: It is an internationalization library for Angular. It will let you define translations for your content in different languages and you can switch languages easily. […]


Answer for What is difference between AngularJS and Angular?

on May 18, 2021 🔥 0 views

Yes, Angular JS is a JavaScript framework it was used to develop a web application.     Angular JSThis framework has a model-view-controller (MVC) that acts as the central component as it manages data, logic, rules, and expresses how the applications behave.    AngularAngular uses components that are directives with templates. There are two kinds of […]

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